Web design refers to the task of creating a web page on the internet. A web designer designs a graphical display of content and images displayed online in the form of a web page. They do this by using web applications such as CSS, HTML, PHP, XHTML, Photoshop, images such as JPG and JavaScript.

Things to consider when designing a website
Avoid Flashy Pages
The main goal of any website design Essex should be to make a web user perform a certain function or deliver a web user what they want. Therefore, it is important for a web designer to avoid creating stylish splash pages that can distract a web user.

Banner advertisements- less is more
One banner advertisement, for example, can be more valuable than very many banner advertisements which may get minimal click through. It is good to fill space with useful content or surround your banner advertisements with informative content. This will make the space more appealing to potential advertisements.

Navigation is important
Navigation is the key that unlocks a good web design Essex. It is, therefore, a good idea to hire a web designer who makes it easy for the web user to navigate around the site and consume the content or buy a product or service.

In web design Essex when it comes to designing effective navigation, it is good to keep it as simple as possible. Avoid web designers who design navigation menus that include multi-tiered dropdowns, flash animations, and other useless additions which cause distractions instead of ensuring that they easily navigate around the website.

Avoid copy and paste coding
Less experienced web designers usually copy and paste from other websites. When an error occurs, it will be difficult for the web designer does not know how to fix it because they did not write the code.

Even though writing the code from scratch is time-consuming and more costly in the short term, it will save you a lot of time and money if any errors occur. Before hiring a website design professional, run double checks to see how much of the code they are actually writing.

Each and every website should maintain consistency and make its web users familiar with aspects such as the colors used when designing the website and the layout of the website.

Creating a variety of web designs, experimenting with different color schemes and website layouts will confuse the web user as it causes disorientation. The only time when you should break consistency is when the website is receiving a complete overhaul.